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WARNING: Winter is on it’s way…

Just because the weather has changed here in Boston doesn’t mean Men In Kilts can’t continue to help with your to-do list!

Here are “4 Ways to Beat Winter”:

De-Icing Cable Install

Let us help you combat a very real and very expensive problem!

frozen gutters

Ice Damns frequently build up in the gutters of many homes in the Boston area and most Bostonians remain unaware of this problem. And how could they be aware? Most homeowners do not frequently climb a ladder to inspect them, especially in the winter!

So what if we told you at Men In Kilts we have a solution that can help stop the problem before it starts…

What we’ll do is install de-icing (or gutter) cables that work to prevent the build up of ice in your gutters that will cause costly damage to your home. gutter cables

This preventative solution will save you thousands of dollars in future gutter replacements, as well as interior damage to walls, flooring and foundation. By installing these heated cables, Men In Kits can help keep your gutters free from ice, and make sure the water is flowing away from the property, ultimately keeping you and your home free from danger.

Here’s how it works:

  • Give us a call and we will set up an onsite visit with one our of technicians
  • Our technician will assess your property and determine the process and price to complete the work. The price will be confirmed with the homeowner before any work is started (pricing is determined by linear feet of protection)
  • Work is completed and the homeowner no longer has to worry about those problematic ice damns

We do the complete supply and install so you can stay warm inside!

Roof Raking

Let us help clear that heaping mound of snow off your roof!

Did you know that a build up of snow on your roof can actually cause serious damage and moisture can penetrate through the roof and damage your homes attic, interior walls and even your foundation? Why let the problem get that far?

Let Men In Kilts come to your home, rake your roof and remove any fallen snow from your driveways and walkways.

How it works:

  • Give us a call and we will set up an onsite visit with one our of technicians
  • The technician will complete an onsite visit and provide an outline with suggestions and options to the homeowner
  • If the homeowner agrees with the price the work will begin

Snow Removal

Save your time and your back – We’ll clear your snow!

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Men In Kilts Boston provides snow clearing for residential and commercial customers. We provide snow clearing services using hand shovels and blowers. We offer monthly agreements as well as full-season contracts for sidewalk & driveway cleaning.

Ice Dam Removal

Did you know your gutters could look like this during the winter?

Those icicles may look pretty, but they could be causing serious damage to your home.

Let Men In Kilts Boston safely remove ice dams from your roof preventing further damage to your home and gutters, which will save you from costly repairs in the future!

Warning Sign | Men In Kilts

To receive any of the above services, call 1-800-777-5458 today to schedule your onsite estimate or fill out our form below and one of our Agents will be in touch!


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